My name is Soheir and I’m a Brand Experience Expert Consultant.
I run my own eCommerce and mentor other entrepreneurs, who want to learn how to sell Physical Goods online successfully.

​My Career & Entrepreneurial Journey

After finishing high school, I have decided against every advice given to me to attend university.

My high school professors didn’t believe I could be successful in an environment, where I wouldn’t be told what to.

I, on the other hand, had a gut feeling, that I could not just succeed at it, but excel.

And right I was. University was amazing and I totally killed it…

Well until the establishment closed for 6 weeks due to national strikes. That’s what happens in France sometimes…

There, I had two choices: Either stay there waiting, OR take the control of my life.
I chose the latest, of course.

I started my professional journey at the till of our local cinema…

Back then, never would I had imagined that only about 6 years later, I would be starting my first day working for one of the top worldwide company; Apple.inc and as a Team Manager Operations!

And in between, working for a few other fortune 500’s, such as eBay, Xerox & Microsoft in similar job positions.

You know you’re successful when customers of such large companies, call back requesting to speak only with you, and totally refuse to get support from any of your colleagues…

These international experiences taught me how to deliver STELLAR results, in terms of customer satisfaction, and develop excellent leaderships skills.

After reaching this point, I had decided to really start my entrepreneurial journey. After all, I had been coaching entrepreneurs, on how to sell successfully online for years and had started selling online already.

So, my time came to be really serious at it too. In 2015, I have launched my own eCommerce selling fashion goods online. Of course, where else? 😉

​" Let your success shine through your achievements"

My professional highlights kept people coming back to me, to ask for How-to’s advice in diverse parts of their careers and businesses.

So that’s when I have decided to launch

The Muslima Entrepreneurs Series Bysoheir.com.

I believed that other people could benefit from my experience too.

I also wanted to create content that fitted with my beliefs and felt true to the members of my community. I teach the community how to do business TODAY by still following Islam business integrity guidelines

Today, I’m proud to be the very FIRST business mentor serving the Female Muslim Entrepreneurs community.

When the current trends are coaches, teaching Entrepreneurs how to sell digital goods online;

I teach them how to successfully handle a business selling Physical Goods online.

Despite the challenges this type of business brings, I still believe it’s a FANTASTIC and UNIQUE way of making a REAL, tangible difference in people’s lives.
As an entrepreneur, the feeling you get, when your customer receive their item bursting with excitement is incomparable!
Delivering WORLD CLASS brand experiences, has been the core focus of my ENTIRE professional journey. And is today stronger than ever!

Customers Experience Reviews

D Wood

I received my abaya today and ....I'm in love. Its an absolutely beautiful color. What I am most impressed with is the smell. It smells divine. I wasn't expecting that at all and it was a lovely surprise. Thank you for such a beautiful product.

D Wood

From USA


Thank you so much got the items they are just beautiful.. thank you so much for the beads they're so lovely.. was such a sweet gift.. love the shirt wearing it now.. will take a pic and send thru and give a review so so pleased.. xx


From Australia

Today, I teach female professionals, like you, how to provide OUTSTANDING experiences to their customers; so they STAND OUT, even in the most saturated markets!

I show you how to apply business strategies that showed results for my business and the hundreds of other entrepreneurs who worked with me.
If you can dream it, I can show you what you need to do to achieve it.
And it all starts by jumping on my VIP List down below.
See you on the other side Sister!

By Soheir

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