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My name is Soheir and I’m a Brand Experience Expert.

I run my own eCommerce, and also mentor other entrepreneurs, who want to learn how to sell physical goods online successfully.

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Do you need help with marketing strategies that build a profitable business?

I can show you how to become a SUPER MAGNET to your dream customers & BOOST your sales revenue!

What it feels like to work with me:

For me, work is play!

I’m passionate about life & my business and will transcend this warm energy to you.

I will reinforce within you a core self-belief that will make you achieve anything you think of!

I have a natural ability to develop fresh strategies & solutions to ordinary issues.

Because you know, when you’re different, you stand out!

So if you feel stuck in a rut and crave for a change, you and I will be a perfect match!

Don’t take it only from me…

What They Said...


From the first moment of dealing with Soheir, we saw her enthusiasm and motivation to benefit us the most she could. Soheir's wide knowledge in the field of business and marketing enabled her to give us indepth advise on how we should advertise and to who should we advertise. Soheir has been patient, honest and helpful and never hesitated to give us answers and additional tips.


EveFit Natural

Anna Miszczak

I am so grateful to have connected with you and be apart of this journey for you. My business launched officially in March 2017 & since then I have had nothing but ups and growth that I never thought I would be able to have. Thank you Soheir

Anna Miszczak


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