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The modern economy is built on networks. You will interact with more new people, more frequently than ever before. If you can communicate well and form relationships effectively, you have a great advantage. 

People are wired very differently - because of variations in our upbringing, our culture, and even our neurobiology - and that means we often have different behavioral patterns. We refer to these seemingly built-in behavior tendencies as our personality.

Over the years, philosophers and psychologists have identified our personality differences and created models to describe them. Some of these models, like 16-personality, Enneagram, and DISC, have become very popular and have helped millions understand themselves better.

At Crystal, we have created a platform to understand your own personality and communicate more effectively with the people around you. We have created this Ultimate Guide to Personality Types to organize all of the most important personality research, walk you through each of the most popular personality models, and explain how understanding personality types can help you achieve success in your career and relationships.

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Understanding Personality Difference

Think about someone you've met on the job and immediately clicked with, where the relationship felt natural and communication was easy. Don't you wish that was the case with everyone you worked with?

Now think about someone that you've struggled to work with - it could have been a boss, a client, or a colleague - where every conversation felt stressful and it seemed like neither of you could get on the same page.

Why does that happen, even when both people are kind, competent, and experienced at their job?

Humans have been struggling with that question for thousands of years, ever since Plato and Aristotle observed consistent behavioral differences between people and developed their first personality models.

While personality is only one component of successful relationships, understanding what these differences are can help us empathize with other people and learn how to adapt to them, instead of assuming that people are simply wrong for not acting in the same way we do.

The purpose of this guide is to: 

  • Help you understand how people are wired differently, and how you can apply personality models to understand their behavioral tendencies and preferences.
  • Help you understand your own personality archetype and how it impacts your relationships with others.
  • Give you personalized insights and actionable steps to communicate and work effectively with each archetype.

Get started by diving into one of the following personality models:
Or by checking out the Ultimate Guide to Personality:
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