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Deeply integrate DISC into your company’s hiring,
training, and sales processes.

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3 Steps to Integrate DISC
Courses that cover the fundamentals of DISC and how to apply it throughout leadership, sales, and hiring functions.
Comprehensive DISC profiles that highlight everyone’s working habits, strengths, blind spots, and more.
A suite of software tools built for teams, sales, and hiring that helps you put DISC into daily practice.
Deep insights into anyone’s DISC profile with Crystal Assessments
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How DISC integration helps your organization
Before DISC Fluency
TEAMS: Leaders are “on their own” preparing for difficult conversations and must invent their own approach.
HIRING: Hiring decisions are made based on personal likeness, gut feelings, and sometimes misaligned expectations.
SALES: Sales reps present the company’s message inconsistently and do not adapt their pitch to their audience.
After DISC Fluency
TEAMS: Leaders have tools and resources to navigate every conflict and conversation.
HIRING: Hiring decisions are supported with data and only made after all stakeholders have aligned expectations.
SALES: Sales reps can readily adapt pitches in ways that resonate with their audience's unique needs.
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