For everyone in the sales process
DISC for Sales Course
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Enable every salesperson to communicate more effectively with prospects, accelerate the sales cycle, and win more business using the DISC framework.

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What's Included
2-Hour Live Session
Course Slides & Resources
DISC Profile
Personality AI Tutorial
Personalized Sales Playbook
For each participant
Personalized Coaching Session
Facilitated by a
Live Crystal Coach
Course Outline
The 4 Selling Styles
Learn how each DISC type naturally approaches sales and your personality's strengths, weaknesses, and motivations.
Selling Strengths
Understand your natural advantages--the activities, strategies, and interactions that add value to your process.
Selling Blind Spots
Identify blind spots that are stalling your deals, sabotaging your outreach, or causing you to miss opportunities.
Stage 1: Discovery
Leverage DISC to make great first impressions, gather information, and set accurate expectations early in the sale.
Stage 2: Demo
Prepare an effective demo using DISC to hit all of the key points for the various personalities on the call.
Stage 3: Negotiation
Craft a winning negotiation strategy by understanding your buyer's core motivations and communication preferences.
Stage 4: Closing
Use DISC to identify your champions, gatekeepers, supporters, and skeptics who can help accelerate a deal.
Stage 5: Supporting
Learn how DISC can help you deliver a sustainable support process, so you can build stronger customer relationships.
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Frequently asked questions
Who is the DISC for Sales course for?
The DISC for Sales course is designed for everyone involved in your sales process including sales leadership, sales reps, and customer service representatives.
Can I take the course outside of the United States?
Yes! We’re happy to work around various schedules to provide our DISC courses outside of the U.S. and U.S. timezones. We provide all classes online and in English.
When do courses start?
We work with you and your team to define our class schedule and when classes start. Our DISC for Sales course includes two hours of live, online instruction from a Crystal coach.
What else comes with the DISC for Sales course?
Each class will have access to one personalized coaching session, and each participant will get a Sales Playbooks for each stage of the sales process including custom DISC-based messaging.
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