For everyone involved in Talent, People, and HR
DISC Hiring Course
& Certification

Use DISC to identify target traits for job openings, evaluate candidate-job fit, and set up new hires for success.

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What's Included
2-Hour Live Session
Course Slides & Resources
Ideal Candidate DISC Profiles
Job Fit Analysis
Team Culture Playbook
Personalized Coaching Session
Facilitated by a
Live Crystal Coach
Course Outline
Job Fit
Learn how DISC types and behavioral tendencies impact job effectiveness, satisfaction, and stress levels.
Ideal Personalities
Identify the key personality traits and DISC types that will help candidates thrive in each of your open roles.
Aligning Expectations
Align behavioral expectations across hiring teams to evaluate candidates efficiently and set new hires up for success.
Candidate Fit
Dive deep into any candidate's personality profile and see how they are likely to behave and perform for any open role.
Effective Interviews
Build personalized interview guides to ask the right questions and understand candidate’s strengths and blind spots.
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Frequently asked questions
Who is the DISC for Hiring course for?
The DISC for Hiring course is designed for everyone involved in Talent, People, and HR. The course covers topics ranging from talent acquisition to training and development and performance management.
Can I take the course outside of the United States?
Yes! We’re happy to work around various schedules to provide our DISC courses outside of the U.S. and U.S. timezones. We provide all classes online and in English.
When do courses start?
We work with you and your team to define our class schedule and when classes start. Our DISC for Hiring course includes two hours of live, online instruction from a Crystal coach.
What else comes with the DISC for Hiring course?
Each class will have access to one personalized coaching session, and each participant will get access to Ideal Candidate Profiles for real job openings at your organization.
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